Think Function Think Safety Rokform

By fittek

September 21, 2018


Posted In: Technology, What's Up Canada

Rokform cases are about function. It’s about daily function. It does not matter what you do or where you go. Your phone is with you all the time. We even take it to the bathroom. Yes, and it can mount on the stall for that not so flattering selfie. For a device that we use every day, having the ability to mount allows lots of function. In the video below, Rokform shares how the device that we use every day, sometimes every few minutes, can be quickly and safely accessible.

Think Safety

The phone does give off radiation, and over time this can be a health risk.
Why take the chance? Be safe.

1. Never carry your phone in your pocket
2. Always use a mounting system in your car
Safety/GPS/Expensive ticket for Distracted Driving
3. Learn about the perfect apps for your lifestyle
Apps are being developed faster and will have many benefits for an active lifestyle from Biking to Fitness to Motorcycling to name a few.

Article on Radiation in Rats from a Cell phone use.