#TipTuesday: Kellie Davis shares her tips for deadlifting without a barbell!

By Exercise.com Staff

March 14, 2017


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If you like the idea of deadlifting but are either too scared or too lazy to load up the barbell, we’ve got another option for you in this #TipTuesday: the hockey deadlift!

In all seriousness, this exercise has incredible benefits. As a rotational deadlift, it works out the obliques, erectors, and glutes, AND it strengthens your breathing and bracing techniques. So, if you are new to weightlifting or you just want a day away from the barbell, this exercise is ideal for you!

Check out Kellie Davis’s tips for the hockey deadlift in the video below:

Now check out this recap of Kellie’s tips:

  1. Develop a comfortable foot position – According to Kellie, this exercise’s stance varies from person to person. But her number one rule is that feet should be no more than shoulder-width apart. You can position your feet close together, or even completely together, but never go wider than shoulder-width.
  2. Remember your knees and hips – Once you have your foot positioning down, remember to focus on your knees and hips. Knees should be softened and your hips should be hinged toward the wall. Also, keep your core braced at about 30º.
  3. Work up to higher weights – When beginning this exercise, start with a low weight. Once you feel comfortable with the rotational movement and you’ve built up your strength, then begin increasing the weight of the kettlebell.
  4. Switch sides –  The goal is to work out both sides of your body. So, for the first rep, grab the kettlebell with both hands on the outside of your right leg. Then, after standing up, straightening your knees, and bringing your hips forward, lower the kettlebell to your left leg.

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