Two Ears one Mouth

By Bev Matushewski

February 16, 2016


Posted In: Community, White Rock

Why I two ears one mouthrefer the best Products and People,

As we grow older, some say we grow wiser – that I believe is true.  For the one simple reason that we have had more experience; more than someone younger.  These experiences mold our current personality and beliefs.  I have spent a lifetime in a selling career and one of the greatest sales managers I have ever had shared a small quote that has changed my life.


“Every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror I see two ears one mouth and I ask myself what should I use today? “

-Tony Teti.


This leads me to my title of this blog. When I listen to someone who has a person or a product that they value so much, they continue to share, rave and be passionate about them or their experience.  I have found this to be true with me and many of people within the ForeverFit White Rock/South Surrey Community.  If I have a question about nutrition, I ask one the experts I truly respect and know.  If someone asks me a question about yoga and why men should take a class, I share with them the difference made in my yoga practice.  If someone wants to learn to run, I have many people that can share their knowledge of how to begin.  When I find an amazing product that simplifies my life I am quick to share it with my friends and the community.


So TODAY just listen you see so much,