We leave with Nothing!

By Bev Matushewski

April 10, 2017


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As we age, we become more aware that life is short, so they say. Life is not short. It is what we experience in life. We work at a job to create what is considered “wealth”. We work until that day we can retire and live a happy life being retired, and do what? Life can offer us just a little more. Make that bucket list that is sitting in your head and make it happen! NO REGRETS!

We have many challenges along this journey and they are all our own self-challenges. Life is changing around us at a very fast pace. We are pushed by companies to buy more, own more, be more. Here is the reality of all of this: we come into this world with nothing and will leave with nothing. So, here is my wake up call to you the reader. Have no regrets in life! Want to reconnect with someone that you have become estranged from? Then try. Angry with someone in your life? Forgive. Not in a good job? Then change it. Not happy with the way you look and feel? Change it. Here is the real kicker to this “no regrets policy”: it is your own fault where you are and what you are doing.

People helping people, that is the way it works and will continue to work. With the forever fit community, that is what I am doing. I am going to make the change for everyone I can touch. For life is not meant to be short, it’s just meant to be amazing – if YOU WANT IT.