Weight Loss Myths Busted

By Kirsten Kenward

February 5, 2018

VibrantMe Coaching

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This topic is one that I am consistently answering for clients. The diet and weight-loss industry can be so confusing, and though there is some valid and helpful information out there, it is often clouded by generalizations and complex marketing techniques.

To answer some of the questions I receive often, and to create some much needed clarity, I held an Instagram Live last week.
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Below are my notes from the Live:
The topics that were discussed and what came from the questions received.

1. Skinny tea’s, waist trainers, overall detox gimmicks and/or fast-track weight loss plans are usually just money grabs that prey on your desire for quick fix ($$$ cannot speed up the process, make it more enjoyable, or make it last)

2. Fasted Cardio isn’t instrumental in real weight loss unless you enjoy working out before eating and don’t get dizzy, nauseous, tired etc.

3. A Balance of dietary macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) is important to maintain good health. None is better than the other though they do affect each body differently…not one eating style works for everyone – experiment thoughtfully (and with professional guidance)

4. Patience, consistency, and SELF COMPASSION are key if you want to lose weight. You’re WHY can make or break your overall success (discussed below)

5. Time consumption of calories doesn’t matter. As long as you don’t go to bed feeling super full, which can affect your hunger hormones in the morning as well as slow your digestion, the time of day you consume your cals does not make it better or worse – This hold true for intermittent fasting as well, which can be an effective weight loss management tool under professional supervision

6. Holding on to weight as an emotional barrier was discussed. A lot of us have emotional ties to food, and use it for short-term pleasure and a numbing from the stressors of life. You don’t have to think while you’re eating, you can be present in beta state (not really present and also not really aware of anything around you, good or bad). This is not how most of us hope to live our lives and being present and aware enough to ENJOY our food is important.

The main point I hope to drive home is that, no ‘Weight Loss Diet’ is going to be successful long term if you are coming from a place of self-hatred, guilt or concern with external motivation.
If you want to lose weight please seek out a coach or mentor and determine the reasons that you want to change your body.
Often, we have found that weight loss obsession stems from societal pressures to look a certain way, instead of an internal desire to increase energy, brain function, and over all well-being (yes, that includes emotional wellness). Most weight-loss regimes do not address the internal issues that come from and stem weight loss obsession and therefore, cause misery both short term and long.

If you feel you could benefit with some guidance in this area OR if you have a suggestion for another Instagram/Facebook Live, please message me at kirstenEkenward@gmail.com or @vibrantme_ on IG