Wellness Tips 2018

By Kirsten Kenward

February 26, 2018

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I started off this year with supercharged ambition to be my best self.

I was determined to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night, pay attention to hunger and fullness cues, explore a lower-inflammatory diet, and consume less alcohol.

Yet, by February I found myself slipping away from my intentions.

Life happens.

We get busy.

It becomes very easy to slip back into the comfortable patterns that are easier, yet that when compounded drive our discontentment…

And it’s even easier to find excuses.

I walk the very fine line between self-flagellation and healthy drive that I think many of us struggle with, so once I realized that I had begun to slip, I was careful to show myself some compassion.
I began to gently and calmly reorient myself toward those things that are IMPORTANT to me.

To decide again which habits are going to help me feel and be by best.

Below are some 3 tips that have helped me get back on track:

1. Make a list of what makes you feel good at the end of the week (rather than in the moment).

Sometimes we get caught up in the moment and do what benefits us most now, losing sight of what will bring us the most joy overall.
Ask yourself where you get caught up and unable to see the larger picture.

For me, it’s usually when I want to have a drink after work. One is fine sure, but for me I know it’s often not just one, and my body will not appreciate that (and not sleep as well). The same thing can go for talking yourself out of a workout, or watching TV instead of reading. Do your best to stay aware of the bigger picture.

2. Schedule a consistent activity throughout the week.

Whether you hold a 9-5 job or not, scheduling something into your days that bring’s you joy is SO important.

Whether it’s a workout, time to cook or read, or a social meet up with friends, having something consistent to look forward to can bring you joy and the feeling of being on-track.

Too much ‘free time’ can often turn unproductive and apathy-inciting (hello Netflix binge), so filling some of that time with an activity that you enjoy makes all the difference.

3. Write yourself a letter.

This is a new habit that I’ve been testing out and I absolutely LOVE it.

I got the idea while watching The Crown and it struck me how no one writes letters anymore. It seemed to me such a simple way to organize one’s thoughts, and gain perspective on what is going on in life from an outside perspective; especially when our thoughts can become so jumbled within our own minds.
This activity can take anywhere from 5 mins to an hour depending on how detailed you want to get or how much you have to work out. Try and write as though you are writing to yourself as a separate entity and see what comes out!

You may learn some things about yourself that you didn’t know.

Remember that it is a natural cycle of life to gain and lose inspiration, and that you are not alone. There is so much life left in 2018 so don’t waste it beating yourself up for not meeting your intentions. Get back on that horse and try, try again!!

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