What is getting in Shape Mean to You!

By Wellness Warriors

April 18, 2017


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Welcome to foreverfit.trainerize.com! This is our complete fitness and training platform where Joanne and I help you through a journey of being foreverfit today. We are bombarded by the quick fix diet, the amazing new ab blaster and we want it all today and we want it now! This does not, and will not, sustain you for being forever fit. This is a learning process. Working with us means that you will have two possible outcomes. First of all, you can succeed and be on a life long foreverfit journey or you will go back to what you were or are today. This I can guarantee.

For years, I have been in the gym. Not for the love of the gym, but for how it feels to train; even more, for how it feels to finish a hard workout. I can even relate this to sex. The pump in the muscle, that is conditioned, is an amazing feeling, just ask Arnold. For my 37 years of training, I have focused on a reasonably healthy diet. However, I do love my beer craft beer, for sure. What really changed me was a meeting with Joanne and her knowledge of nutrition. I took another fitness related course in which she hosted the training certifications. This was Can-fits new NWS certification (Nutrition and Wellness Specialist). This was learning about the new guides to the food we eat and, of course, water. After completing the course, I spent some time working with Joanne on a few other projects. What happened next was that I was introduced to a product from my yoga teacher and trainer. She suggested that I take a product called Isagenix. After which Tarryl Plain from Westcoast Yoga sold me a protein system from Isagenix. At that time, I was getting more round, not fit, but fat. I was busy training and drinking and trying to get the best food in me daily. Time was always an issue for me. So, Joanne, being an Isagenix product specialist, guided me to learn more. She has put me on many products to help with fat loss and energy levels. Let’s just say, for now, I am amazed, PERIOD. I am 56 years old, as of March 30th, and feeling strong with amazing energy. My workouts today are truly the best. The body is shaping up for a 56-year-old. I even did 1000k last year on my bike.

Time for your change, just ask us how!

Joanne and I will help you make an amazing transformation today.