What is Wellness?

By Griffin Lockyer

August 24, 2015


Posted In: Langley, Nutrition, Surrey, White Rock

Wellness (and fitness) is a touchy subject and while we all try to say what it is, there are many different views and beliefs on wellness and none are really wrong or right. Here is what I believe wellness to be:
Being strong does not define wellness just like having a low body fat does not define Wellness. Wellness has something to do with both of those things but thats not all; it is a
combination of components like physical strength, lack of disease, a healthy mental and spiritual state, and proper nutrition.

So to achieve wellness I believe you have to have some sort of success in all of those avenues I’ve listed above. The key point that I’m trying to make here is to not get stuck doing one thing or thinking that you have to. Try new things, learn new sports, eat new foods and experiment with different types of workouts. Find what you like to do and do that, among other things of course. Variance and new experiences is the key to achieving wellness.

Life is a balancing act and you don’t have to be perfect. If you eat a bag of Doritos or a bucket of ice cream for lunch don’t beat yourself up over it; get over it and move on, it happened and it will probably happen again. Same goes for if you miss a day of exercise or a whole week, that stuff happens to all of us. The only difference in the people that have made these components of wellness a habit and the ones that haven’t is mental and spiritual wellness; loving yourself and realizing you are human, giving yourself a break and getting right back at it!

So think about wellness and being fit as not just having a low body fat or being strong in the gym; it is a balance of a lot of different components. There are a ton of people out there that have a low body fat or can lift a lot of weight but that doesn’t mean they are fitter than you are! When you take a look at these other components you may find you are fitter than you think or the exact opposite and you may have to open yourself up to improving other areas of your life!

Whatever it may be this wellness thing is an ongoing journey and your not alone!