Who is Really at Fault for Being Fat

By Wellness Warriors

September 26, 2018


Posted In: Fitness, General Health, Nutrition

So let me break this down into a straightforward process as to why you are fat. You have a mouth, and you have a hand. The hand reaches for the yummy and very addicting choice of foods (Chips/Beer, etc.) and then brings it to the mouth. The hand does not know any better, and the mouth opens and starts to chew or consume the food. The hand continues like a conveyor belt and keeps the mouth working with more and more of the poor high caloric type of food choices. This is all done by the brain that controls this function and decides to do nothing. It just sits there and says “go ahead, feed that mouth more crap.” Now the tummy says “oh my, I am so full” however the mouth says “common man you can handle more”! It shoves a few more things into your mouth, and the brain says to the tummy “ you will be ok ” since the mouth says “I want just one more, please”. The brain knows that this is not good and DOES nothing to intervene until the body speaks to the BRAIN… “PLEASE STOP, you are making me sick. I have diabetes and I have a belly that is so big”. So the brain once again says “hey, that’s ok. We can do this a little more and you will be ok”. Now the body is broken and is unable to move. The body needs oxygen and it needs pills so it can work. Now it has trouble tying your shoes. And yet the body is your vessel for life and has been telling you for some time to stop, and your brain does not give a shit.

At Foreverfit , we can solve this. We teach your BRAIN to own the hand and be responsible to the body and to discipline the mouth.

Being overweight does have many challenges. We respect that many physiological factors are outside of our scope, and we encourage that you use as many resources to improve your life and health.