Why digital magazines will be a trend in visual marketing in 2017

By easyPRINT

August 10, 2017


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The usage of magazines in marketing is not something unheard-of, but it’s not common practice either. Yes, catalogs are highly used in online and offline marketing. Some people call them “magazines” but they are not magazines in the strictest sense of the word. A magazine is richer in content – usually a mix of information, entertainment and advertising.

Digital magazine marketing is the beautiful result of content and visual marketing. It requires time and creativity, but any brand can do it.

There are, in fact, brands that have already started to publish their own brand magazines: United (Rhapsody), RedBull (The Bulletin), Benetton (Colors), AirBnb (Pineapple), to name a few. We may be witnessing a new age of brand publishing.

Owned media is on the rise and we’ll tell you why.



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Ebooks have been popular lately, but magazines could be the new trend. They are more entertaining and more visual than ebooks, so they appeal to a larger audience. Magazines pack a lot of information on various subjects: interviews, stories, articles and ads. Digital magazines can be a marketing tool, especially now, when content is king and visual marketing is so popular.


Great value 

It’s very easy to see why readers find value in magazines. We are suckers for stories and pretty pictures, and magazines have both. Magazines can also be used to educate clients or share useful tips. What the brand gets in exchange is gratitude and a loyal following. Of course, the secret here is to discover the type of content that works with your audience. For example, Red Bull’s magazine consists of various articles on extreme sports, which is the kind of content their audience digs.


Versatility in design, content & usage

Any brand can have their own digital magazine if they wish, no matter the industry they’re in. You can use any design style and write about anything, as long as it’s consistent with your brand, as long as it’s interesting and relevant. If you want to check an example, take a look at this magazine which is produced by a wig company. We believe that there will be more digital magazines simply because anyone can produce one, relatively easy.


Excellent branding tool 

Magazines are excellent for branding because they can produce emotion and captivate readers. Choosing the right imagery for a story is incredibly important. All content marketers know how important it is to pair copy with visuals to produce emotion and drive actions. Magazines are a sure proof way to do just that.

It’s important to be consistent in style, and cultivate a specific visual aesthetic to succeed. Your magazines should be instantly recognizable by your clients. Use the same design style you do for website, packaging, flyers, etc.


Unmatched interactivity 

What’s great about digital magazines is that they support interactive content: videos, audio, links. You can place on-page clickable videos in your magazines, which is great because videos are still on the rise. Rich media elements are engaging and compelling even for lazy people who aren’t quite sure they want to read an article. Show them a video instead and they will watch it. Use Flipsnack to add these interactive elements in your digital magazine. Readers love the flip magazine format because it looks lifelike, but it’s also interactive.


Real time analytics

Any sane digital marketer wants to measure the impact of his publishing. Luckily there are tools that let you publish your magazine and track the results. Whatever tool you decide to use to publish your brand magazine, make sure it provides statistical reports. Otherwise, your marketing will be like shooting in the dark.


Social media and website integration

Digital magazines have this great advantage that they can be embedded in websites and shared on social media. They also support social media and website links inside the brand publication (after all, browsing and exploring is what makes the internet such a wonderful place). With digital magazines you can connect all your pages and channels in one place to give customers a chance to get to know you and communicate with you.


Still not convinced?
In case you need one extra reason, we want to assure you that you won’t need to pay for printing and distribution. Do everything online, easily!

2017 is almost here and we predict the rise of digital magazines. They are fun, engaging and highly shareable, helping you get more exposure for your business.

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