Why Do You Run?

By Ferg Hawke

April 7, 2015

Endurance Products Canada

Posted In: Adventures, Fitness, White Rock

I get asked this question all the time, here is only a few of the many reasons I do what I do.

I run for a variety of reasons. I love the feeling of being fit. I love getting some friends together and challenging ourselves to a big running adventure such as a rim to rim to rim double crossing of the Grand Canyon. I like that there is no fee, no start or finish time, no set route or pace. I can go when I want, get to the end of my driveway and decide to go right or go left, run for one hour or three. I run to stay healthy, to keep my blood pressure down, and to relieve stress. I run because running makes me a much happier, more positive, content person. I run for those rare days when everything feels perfect, when you glide along the trail effortlessly, breathing easily. I run for those days when everything totally sucks, when every cell in your body is screaming at you to stop but you don’t quit because you know how good it feels to finish that run, to not have quit, to have pushed through the pain. I run because I can’t imagine my life without running. I run because crossing the finish line of some insanely long race that has taken a year to prepare for is such an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s a feeling you cannot buy, it must be earned and it can never be taken away. Why do I run? I run because I want to be “forever fit”