Why I Don’t Believe In Meal Plans

By Joanne Mulhall

July 13, 2017

Core Wellness Solutions

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As a holistic nutritionist, I am often asked if I can develop a meal plan for clients.  I can but I don’t.  I choose not to and there’s a few reasons why.

  1. In order to assist anyone I work with to develop a new relationship with food, I want  that to happen by helping them become more mindful about what they are putting in their mouths and the choices that they are making based on the current nutrition regime that they currently have.
  2. The best success for sticking with something is when an individual is in charge of their plan, they are eating what they like and enjoy with my guidance on making certain modifications to their choices.

My approach is to have you complete a food journal for a week, or send me logs from a very convenient app that I use, so that I can see what you are currently eating and then we discussed based on what I see, how to make small and lasting improvements each week to your food choices.  You become more aware of what they WHY the choices you’ve made are maybe not the best, as we take a few minutes to talk about the effects of thsoe choices.  Then you feel empowered, with better knowledge to continue to make better choices based on that knowledge.

I won’t provide on-going meal plans since that’s not the best use of my time and skills, and what happens when the meal plan ends????  At some point, you have to be an adult and take responsibility for the choices you make based on pretty key but basic guidelines to follow.  This results in lasting change for you and your habits.

You’ll enjoy my skills in teaching you about what good food choices are and how they affect you and that is information that will last you a lifetime.