Why I Float – One Man Finds His ‘Self’

By Jeff Cellier

October 6, 2016

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By Darren Long
I’ve been an advocate for being presently aware and in the moment for many years now. This practice, I am learning, is never ending and should be the only thing to practice for life. There is no limit to being consciously aware or present. It doesn’t matter what your background, religion, race or gender is, it is something we humans all share and possess. Once one has an experience whilst being consciously present, it is amazing. Food becomes sensational, nothingness is entertaining and glorious, silence is a deep sense of peace, colours and lights glow and any touch is smooth, soft, warm and magnificent. The present moment. Not yesterday or tomorrow. Being consciously present, when focusing on something simple and letting go of thoughts and attachments, becomes the experience.

The main thing I noticed after floating the first few times was my deeper connection to self and how it related to other people. Being centred in a space of deep peace and relaxation made it easy to feel other people, not just be with them. Not just hear what they were saying, but feel what they were saying. Not just listening, but understanding. After floating, when walking down the street, my eyes stare into others’, seeking that deeper connection. My sentences become slow and deliberate, powerful and heartfelt. My being is centred and still. Like a giant old oak tree with deep roots and strong branches, ready to stand tall against any storm.

Also, being in an isolated space by myself has made me realize that I have my other “self.” This kid with glowing clothes and light up shoelaces that loves anything neon and does back flips off of garbage cans and railings and is waaaay to enthusiastic and has no grammar and runs off with his sentences and gets distracted by anyth…oh look! Shiny!
If I could relate this to anyone who hasn’t floated, it would be like the time a voice popped into your head and told you to do or not do something. It told you to take that particular exit, or talk to that specific person, or to call a friend. Maybe it told you to attempt a backflip off a garbage can. You didn’t understand why it told you that, or where the thought came from, but it was there. An impulse. In a nut shell, it was the conversations I began to conjure up within myself in the tank that truly connected my mind and heart. Slowly becoming “one” with myself. The best conversations I’ve ever had, were in fact with myself, inside the tank.

Over time I have gotten to know this character that lives inside of me and realize a true power when he shines through in full force. Over time this person has become more and more supportive as we get to know one another, since we live in the same body. He comes out from time to time and is a powerful creator, tuning into inspiration, ideas and intuition. Generally, he shines when completely focused and engaged in anything creative and deeply present.

The only way I can consciously be aware that we are blending is when time seems to disappear, when I am having too much fun for my own good and this voice tells me to do things that leave me in awe of my own creation.

The way that I view these two people that are “me,” are like two radio waves, or frequencies. When the two frequencies match, I am blown away by new and exciting experiences: perception, intuition, inspirations, ideas, peace, joy and happiness. The negative feelings I feel from time to time are simply a separation of the two frequencies and are natural like the weather. The more negative my vibration is, or the more down I feel, the larger the separation of the two frequencies. The connecting of the two frequencies is infinitely powerful, being one with spirit. That being said, there is no limit to the crest or valley of the wave. The wave is infinite on both ends.
To conclude, the reason why I believe floating is priceless for me is because coming into contact with my true inner being made me understand myself more. It gives me a foundation to springboard from, into my everyday life. Why this is important is because I now direct and maintain my life from this vantage point of spirit, always moving in the direction of where my intuitive skills and greatest joys and desires can be realized. This is important because when I am happily contributing to the world with the gifts I was born with, I do it well and it makes the world a better place to live in, for everyone. Either way, whatever it is I am doing, I have found that definition of happiness for myself and continue to find it. It’s fun to know that I’ve got my own back, so to say. I strive to learn and understand it in myself and to be able to explain and coach others on how they can find it also. This is why I float and will continue to do so.