Why I hated my Mentor Z!

By Bev Matushewski

August 30, 2016


Posted In: Education, White Rock

To begin let’s look at what a mentor definition is, “an experienced and trusted adviser.” Over our lifetime, we all have used a guide to be educated to be taught or to shown a skill. I am now 55 years young, and I have had so many mentors in my lifetime that I can smile and recall these mentors in my life. Let me share with one Mentor in my life that for years working under him I struggled with his so called mentorship, I felt bullied and pushed. I so wanted to quit, I was stressed and did not know which way to go. Weekly and daily calls with “Z” I hated. What changed for me and my why to share this mentorship story in my blog.

Well, he pushed me to get better, for me to push my team beyond our comfort zone. He even flew me to LA for a one day kick me in my ass meeting. The trip back to to the airport this was his advice that I still recall. “Get a haircut and a white dress shirt.” What I learned from him is he was an achiever he had many more years experience than I, however, my attitude and thinking I thought I knew better. I told myself I did not want this asshole to break me.

I pushed myself and my team with a kind heart we set goals and achieved in 2009 branch of the year. My sales team all won Master Jackets and trips. Not because of my skill but because of my mentor.

Thank you Z, you showed me what I could not see.

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