Why Moms Should Float

By Jeff Cellier

September 8, 2016

Posted In: Adventures, Community, Entertainment, Spiritual Wellness, White Rock

This post ought to be a four words long and say: “Alone time. Full stop.” But though 90 minutes of pure stillness and sacred silence IS enough to make me escape every month, that’s not the only reason floating is a great idea for moms and moms-to-be.

1. Alone time

2. Silence, absolute silence. Nobody constantly talking to you with questions you.just.can’t.be.bothered.to.answer

3. Nothing to overload the senses, nothing to smell, nothing to hear, nothing to see, nothing to Facebook

4. Weightlessness, so for those of us with sore muscles from all the lifting and fake karate (surely not just me?), this can be a great relief

5. Weightlessness is also great for moms-to-be who are carrying that extra weight whilst being pumped with the relaxin hormone, making joints and ligaments loose. Taking that weight off the joints is pure heaven

6. Epsom salts; over 1,000lbs of magnesium and sulphate, easily absorbed and with numerous health benefits

7. Thinking space; sort your lists, mull over a problem

8. Chance to meditate, lucid dream, or learn to find stillness

9. Nice showers at the FloatHouse along with great shampoo and conditioner

10. A treat, that offers a whole load of benefits, but most of all allows time for yourself

So if you haven’t tried floating yet, try and make some time, it could be that once a month date day for just you and you alone.