Winter crossing of the Akshayuk Pass

By Ferg Hawke

August 20, 2015

Endurance Products Canada

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Winter crossing of the Akshayuk Pass on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic now that is one cool thing to do! With temperatures reaching minus 38c and wind chill approaching minus 50c, cool might not be the best choice of words, how about FREAKIN cold! Myself and my three team mates, Ray Zahab, Ryan Grant and Stefano Gregoretti crossed more than 100km of some of the most inhospitable and harsh landscape on the planet. We managed to cross the pass in just under 48 hours hauling all of our survival gear on sleds that weighed about 50lbs. One of the many challenges was getting enough liquid melted and into thermos’s in order to stay hydrated. As cold as it is in the Arctic, dehydration is a big concern as the air is very dry and we are working very had pulling our sleds over some very uneven ground. I boiled enough water to fill 5 one L thermos’s each with about 500 calories of CarboPro complex carbohydrate powder. We were forced to set up camp twice to warm ourselves, get some rest and melt ice so we could continue. We managed to come out of this slog unscathed except for some frost bit on 3 of my fingers and my thumb. Small price to pay for such an epic adventure.

Ray Zahab and team walk 160km / 48 hours across Auyuittuq National Park via the  Akshayuk Pass.

Sponsors: First Air, Canada Goose, Baffin Boots, Oakley and various others.
Baffin Island Expedition Team: Ray Zahab, Stefano Gregoretti, Ferge Hawke, Ryan Grant,
Film Team: Zachary Shields, Natasha Gubareva, Shifty Schaffetel Jon Golden
Ray and team walk 100km/48 hours across Auyuittuq National Park via the Akshayuk Pass…
Plus Billy Etooangat, Charlie Alikatuktuk, Billy Arnaquq and 3 other inuit