Wisdom Circles

By Terry Shea

September 30, 2016

Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

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One of my students quoted Holmes in class on Wednesday evening. He got me thinking of the sheer depth of wisdom of Dr. Holmes. It was a simple quote really: “Know and do and do and know.” The quote spoke to the perfect circle, the feedback loop, if you will, that clearly defines what is the nature of the work WE must do within the metaphysical system Holmes proposed.
I use the term proposed intentionally because Holmes was always very clear that this system worked, but that it only worked if we work it. He said in the first chapters of Science of Mind: “One of the great difficulties in the new order of thought is that we are likely to indulge in too much theory and too little practice.”
The application of this teaching gets immediate results. It cannot help it since the mind (our individualized mind) as part on the One Mind is continuously involved in the creative process. The challenge is that, in our time between prayers, that is to say when we are not engaged in the conscious application of the Truth that we know, we do exactly the opposite of what is in our best interest. Stephanie Sorensen puts it this way, “… we frequently use our mind to engage in limited, negative and fearful thinking, contemplating ideas and concepts that we would not consider appropriate or advisable in treatment.”
Advice like Dr. Holmes is presenting is not new. As a matter of fact, the Book of Wisdom from the Bible tells us to keep a guard over our tongue, knowing full well that out of the fullness of the heart the tongue speaks. We can claim that we know the Truth and speak it with our mouth but what shows up in our lives is a clear demonstration of what we really believe … in the space between our prayers. Only too often, I have found myself abandoning the very Good that I had claimed and sinking into resentment and despondency because things didn’t turn out the way I intended. It can take a while and sometimes a Practitioner to get back to the fact that the Truth did not desert me. I deserted the Truth.
Elsewhere in the SOM text, page 282 to be exact, Holmes says, “Stay with the One (Mind) and never deviate from it for a moment. Nothing else can equal this attitude. TO DESERT THE TRUTH IN THE HOUR OF NEED IS TO PROVE THAT WE DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH. The uppercase is Ernest Holmes, not me!

All prayer is answered. It is answered according to the thought and belief inside and outside of our prayer. This is the second half of the original quote, the unfailing feedback loop of treatment and demonstration. It is amazing how often when I do treatment for clients that I have to pull their attention back to the demonstrations they are getting in their lives, pointing out how the words they are saying or have said in treatment are what they are now living, not perhaps as they were expecting but are still a faithful out picturing of what they believe. We cannot fool Universal Mind by claiming the validity of a Truth we have declared in our treatment that we do not recognize and live in our day to day life. Trust me. I have tried this. It doesn’t work, or to be more accurate, it does work by giving us precisely what we believe rather than what we claim to believe.

The mountaintop of the creative process is wisdom. Ask anyone who has climbed a mountain whether it was a hard climb. First of all, the best climbers talk about it as an ascent, thereby emphasizing the progress and not the struggle. They will talk about where they encountered challenges and how they overcame them. Ultimately they will talk about what they learned about the mountain and themselves. They will tell you what they knew and what they did. They will tell you what they did and what they now know!