Yoga and Stretching

By Tarryl Plain

August 21, 2015

Posted In: White Rock, Yoga

Do you know all the benefits of stretching?

The most common benefit is that it increases your flexibility. Your flexibility is measurable. Seeing your progress makes it rewarding in itself, however it also comes with many other advantages. Stretching improves your life in many ways. It can bring relaxation to your day. Stretching before bed is a perfect way to release your muscles resulting in you having a deeper sleep. It can help develop an injury free life or accelerate your recovery period after an injury. Stretching prevents your muscles from tightening, shortening and avoids an imbalanced body. This is key, to avoiding any kind of injury.

Many of us struggle with our weight and the ability to lose our unwanted pounds. Stretching can help with this problem. By stretching after you eat you quicken your foods journey in the colon. You are also able to increase blood flow which not only aids the digestive tract but also allows optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals. This creates a more efficient and effective digestive system. In order to follow the direction of your food, make sure you stretch from right side to left side because food and toxins move through your body in that order.  Another common struggle is looking old. Aging is a fear that both males and females deal with. Stretching can help you conquer this fear because of its anti-aging benefits. How is this possible? When you stretch you release synovial fluid that lubricates the joint cavities. This lubricant creates a cushion in the joints and decreases friction between them. This results in a reduction of joint pain that you may experience when you age. Not only will you look younger but also feel younger.

All these benefits will not come after one twenty minute stretching session. Like most things, the benefits of stretching take time and effort. Stretching and yoga must become a way of life, a daily function.