Yoga is Sorel

By Tarryl Plain

April 18, 2016

Posted In: White Rock, Yoga

After running a workshop series on transformation for the past 40 days, although I found
greaIMG_1970 (1)t joy in sharing all the stuff the holds us back, bogs us down and keeps us scared to move forward, I was personally a tad burnt out. Yes , yes, we talk about it all the time as moms, women or entrepreneurs, but life or health coaching? Yup, you bet! Every time we spend more time giving and sharing and upholding others, we need to remember to take time to back ourselves up.

And how did you want to fit that in , right?

Take it, even 24hrs , but run away and play, read, be outside, and reconnect to you and
Own source that you draw from. We all know what feeds us, not our food source, but our souls ,our happiness. That thing that brings a smile to your face, that thing you would do if you a an extra afternoon. I don’t have to continue the explanation on what that means , do I?
I am fighting to be true to this myself. But I do try to fit it in , and yes sometimes it’s later that anticipated, but I will stick to being “a work in process”. I struggle as much as anyone else with
this thing called “me time or downtime” but I will continue to nag myself and others on its role to a balanced and happy life.FullSizeRender

Walk with the Eagles, and yoga in my Sorels, but I got my groove back !