YOU need to DO Video Today for your Business

By Bev Matushewski

November 8, 2018


Posted In: Education, Technology

Things have changed today with our communications and social media one of the best thing for your business today is connect personally is to do a video for your business keep it simple and short tell the story to inform and even funny. If the video is too long, you may lose interest. The how-to videos are great they share your skill they share your knowledge. It is great to copy a manufactures video and post however by having the face of the Company that is just more personable and valuable to your customer base. What is excellent today is your iPhone or Android is an excellent camera for Video today. An essential product for your Video is a microphone it can be lapel or a directional microphone or wireless, however, make sure the sound is perfect for your video. Listing to a Video with a poor sound creates an adverse effect for the viewer they will be distracted by sound and not focus on your message. Using a tripod and the Camera mount two excellent products for Video shoot if you to keep the camera stationary. In this Video shoot, I am using the GoPro 5 with rokform Mount and take note how the video changes based on direction with the GoPro Microphone.

What you need to have to do simple Video

1. Rokform Case (Fittek)
2. Camera Mount (Fittek)
3. Tripod Amazon
4. Microphone Amazon