Your Default is Bliss

By Jeff Cellier

August 18, 2016

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The human experience is a fascinating thing. We are born into this world; we have no conscious choice of our parents, nor of the city or country we live in, nor the time in history in which we appear. We are born, we grow and mature, and we have experiences. Everything we are exposed to on every level of what we are, seems to affect us throughout the course of our existence. It seems that we are like these infinitely dense bio-psycho-social-spiritual sponges that absorb everything, whether we are conscious of it or not.

When we are in utero, in our mother’s womb, any biochemical that circulates through her body also affect us. If she is happy the endorphins and dopamine released within her will affect our development. When she is sad or stressed, the stress hormones will also affect us. Our development within her womb is heavily influenced by the environment/state she’s in. There are studies that show how a stressed, poorly nourished, or smoking mother affects the child’s development. So many forces already playing upon us and we haven’t even taken our first breath yet.

And what about those factors that are affecting her? What is influencing her mood, her biochemistry? Is it the relationship she is in with your father, is it a positive one or negative, or perhaps your father isn’t around? How have these situations influenced her, that ultimately influence you? Perhaps it is the socioeconomic situation of her community. Perhaps your mother is living in poverty in a third world country. Perhaps she lives in a major metropolitan city, amongst the constant hum and the buzzing noise and energy. Maybe she lives in a rural home, surrounded by nature, eating food from the land and animals that are literally at her doorstep. All of these factors will affect our mother and therefore will affect our developments and consequently our future behaviors.

And after all this pre-natal influence, we are born; we come out into this world and begin our lives. We have experiences; we are exposed to unique situations all the time. Everything will affect us one way or another, consciously or subconsciously. Some of these experiences we are exposed to are physical, some are mental, others emotional. Yet still others are energetic or even spiritual. Layer after layer these experiences that ultimately influence every aspect of how we are today pile one after the other on top of us. They shape our behaviour, they produce our current physical state and they dictate our relationships and how we communicate. They are responsible for who we are, what we are, how we are, and why we are the way we are.

It all seems really random when you look at each individual as a single solo object. And I think this is where we can get lost. When we see the human race, life, or matter all as separate “things” we are fragmented and divided. Yet on the quantum level, which we and everything else in existence are all a part of, it is all one homogenous soup and the perception of boundaries and separateness dissolve. This soup is the base level of our physical existence.

I pose the question, are we or can we become aware of this soup? We know theoretically we are a part of it. Please, let us take this a bit further. Can we feel this soup, can we sense it consciously? What would it feel like I wonder?

It seems as though we have a lifetime of experiences, variables, and influences to recognize and uncover to get back to our baseline, our deeper nature, and our default. In fact, I think we have a lifetime’s worth of experiences, and beyond that, all processes and reactions, everything has built upon itself from a single source, becoming increasingly complex, since existence commenced. What happens when we strip it ALL away?

I believe that meditation, spiritual experiences, NDE, psychedelics, yoga, and sensory deprivation are all tools and techniques that can guides us through the lifetimes we’ve come from… and from my experience, when everything is shed, even if it’s for a fleeting moment, we feel calm, we feel whole, we feel at peace. It seems as though our default is bliss.

I believe we get in our own way. We block ourselves from experiencing what we are. We are really good at doing this too. This obstructing nature is our current default, but if we can stop, get still, get quiet, and go inwards, into our selves, I think we’ll find our true default…bliss.

Go in, get still, breathe through and reveal what’s there. Discard the layers and get out of your own way. And it doesn’t seem that you need to do anything. Stop the doing and start the being. Your default is bliss.